No longer do you have to sit and watch the Social Media Empires making thousands off of you and your friends and family. Now you can TAKE IT BACK. That's right. Now you can take that advertising money and put it right into your pocket where it belongs. You took the time to make those friends and make those posts. Now you can get rewarded for all of those social accounts you spend your quality time on. Now it's time for you to win!


Advertisers pay facebook, twitter and many others to advertise on your time lines. We found a way for those same advertisers to pay you directly instead of facebook etc. It's that cool!


The smart design makes it as simple as Push, Click and Post. It doesnt get easier. We send you an offer, you accept the offer, you post to your timeline with a click. It’s that fun!


Advertisers pay TOP DOLLAR for organic social traffic. Advertisers will pay you $$$  to post their links each and every time. They pay you to use the sites you already use. Celebs get paid. It’s that simple!


We collect the advertiser payment up front and pay you weekly for each and every offer you accept. We can wire you the $$ or send you checks. Quick money in the bank every week! It’s that fast!

Why do we do it?

This program was designed to cut the cost of advertising for advertisers and open up new revenue streams for customers. That's what it will continue to do for many years. Our main focus is on growth and trust. Adding new advertisers to our network daily let's our users know we can be trusted to be their consistent line of income. Expanding the list of market types we offer to our users regularly is another key technique we focus on. This allows users to open up in different ways when it comes to how they allow the advertiser to interact with their community. This promotes higher income potential for users.